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Lenni Lenapexkweyok

Who We Are

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Our Commitment

We are an organization of Lenape matriarchs from the 5 Lenape nations in the lands currently known as Canada and the United States. Our goal is to increase Lenape peoples' presence in our own homelands, having been violently displaced hundreds and even thousands of miles away. Short term, we organize multiple annual trips back home for our people, with special attention to the matriarchs and youth in our communities. Our trips are focused on land and water stewardship, culture, language, stories, healing, education, building relationships, and ceremony. Long term, we intend to get land back, which will enable us to protect the local ecology, restore Lenape's ability to be home in their own lands, create a safe space for Lenape women and femmes, educate the local communities, honor our right to land-based culture, and help to heal a 5 century long wound. We gather together from the various corners of our diaspora to revitalize our ways and reclaim what was taken from us. 

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Working to connect Lenape women and femmes to our homelands

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Materials for learning about Lenape history and life

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Stay updated with our recent activities

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Your support is crucial to the growth and success of our work

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